Awaroa is the other main settlement of private baches in the Park, all of which are located around the tidal estuary.

Awaroa made headlines all over the world in 2016 when a couple of Kiwis decided to mount a crowdfunding campaign to buy a stretch of Awaroa beach that was put up for sale by its private owner.  The fear was that the new owners could deny access to the beach for the New Zealand public, and access to our coast is something many Kiwis have strong feelings about.  In a major triumph for people power, the New Zealand public donated over two million dollars, purchased the beach and ceded it into the national park.

The track north of Awaroa is only accessible 1.5 to 2 hours either side of low tide.  At other times the water level is too high to cross and there is no alternative route. Awaroa Lodge is located a short walk inland from the main beach front.

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    Return water taxi and walking trip: Water taxi to Bark Bay or Onetahuti and then walk to Awaroa Bay (from Bark Bay 3hrs, Onetahuti 1hr).

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