Totaranui is another long, golden-sand beach, and the only part of the Coastal Track that is accessible by road. There are tent sites located along the beach which are dedicated to the use of people walking the Coastal Track.

Across the narrow gravel road from the beach is the main Totaranui camping ground. This is a large camping ground that is enormously popular during the Christmas and New Year peak season.

At the northern end of Totaranui is an extremely picturesque tidal inlet that is a fun, safe place for children to play. To the north of Totaranui are some wonderfully secluded beaches, the haunted Whariwharangi Hut and finally, the Wainui carpark at the northern entrance to the Park.

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Explore Totaranui

    Abel Tasman Classic

    Full Day

    Return water taxi and walking trip: Water taxi the length of the Park to Totaranui and then back to Torrent Bay. Walk north to Bark Bay (2.5hrs).

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